25 August 2010

Cut Out Outfit

Post 104

I discovered this photographer just this weekend at a craft fair organised by the lovely ladies at Made In The Shade in Glasgow. Now I spent around an hour trying to decide which one of YHF's portraits to feature and I've settled on this beautifully kitsch, cut out portrait. The clothing for this image by Rachael Albert clothing is also incredibly cute, to be honest everything about this image makes extremely happy.

On a totally un-portrait related point go and check out this set of photographs, they are the best I have seen in a good while!

24 August 2010

DeLaOstia jeans

Post 103

Now I'm not sure if it's the washing line full of jeans or that stunning blue sky but this portrait by Gastón Suaya is like a little ray of sunshine on a grey Glasgow evening. I'm the first to admit that I'm a sucker for any photograph with beautiful lighting, especially if it's natural lighting. This image really makes me wish that I was outside in some good weather shooting something similar. I definitely have some envy!

23 August 2010


Post 102!

I utterly adore this portrait, everything about it makes my stomach flip. The wonderful crop around the perfect lighting and that coy & playful expression on the models' face just make this image one to die for. Rob Senior should be incredibly proud of this the power of this portrait, it has totally cheered me up on this mundane Monday.

Perfect Paintings

Post 101!

Marta Lozo has captured quite a tender moment between an artist and painting. The lighting in this capture is completely beautiful and really makes the image perfect. Check out the Flickr stream for more gorgeous work!

22 August 2010

She's Hearing Voices

Post one hundred!

This post is a very special 100th post as this portrait is one of my favourite ever images. Redredhead, or Marina, has created a beautifully isolated portrait, from the expression to the flawless skin, from the red hair to the dull green forest, it's all just perfect!

Redredhead, or Marina, has a whole Flickr stream full of utterly stunning photography and I urge you to go over and have a good gander through, I promise that you will not be disappointed.

20 August 2010

The Real Mrs. Doubtfire

Post ninety nine!

I completely adore real characters. This lady, captured by Travis Jensen SF is a perfect example of why I am so in love with people. Not only does she look 100% real, she looks like she has hundreds of stories to tell. This portrait makes me wonder off into imagining what a life she's had; who she's met, who she has met and may more questions.

Check out Travis's website here for some more wonderful photography.

17 August 2010

Top Hat

Post ninety eight!

Staffan Carlsson  has taken an utterly stunning portrait of this gentleman, the depth of field really makes his lovely eyes just pop out of his face. The tones in the monochrome are awesome and the crop is perfect.

2 August 2010


Post ninety seven!

I adore all things paper, especially paper cranes! So this photograph from Roanne Lucy Silver really got me excited. The simplicity of the model's pose and tone, coupled with the angular origami birds are a perfect offset to the negative space around her. To be honest it's just really gorgeous right?

1 August 2010

Wee're Dooomed!

Post ninety six!

Albrazier's captured a sneaky little look from a World War II re-enactment. I love moments like this, a completely honest expression. Nothing compares to it, not even the best model or actor!