29 March 2010

The World Upside Down

Post sixty!

Noretta's beautifully shot image is lit exquisitely! I always love a bit of rotation in photography, it suddenly gives the most simple image a completely different point of interest. 

28 March 2010

Spring Fever

Post fifty nine!
It's finally beginning to look like spring time! Spring is my favourite season and Eva's image is so fun and spring-like that I just had to feature it. The flower that she made is unbelievably sweet and the pillow-come-magic carpet is a wonderful idea. Check out Eva's blog here for more fun and cute photography, I guarantee you'll fall in love with it too.

26 March 2010

Tokyo Jane

Post fifty eight!

I love fashion shoots and this one that I completely adore. Not only is the model just gorgeous but the pose and colour tones are just so complimentary to her complexion. Henrik's work is lovely so please, please please go and check out his Flickr page!

Box Adventures

Post fifty seven!

This image almost made me squeal with happiness! Danieldeer has created a magical woodland photograph that looks like it's been taken straight from a film. It's really tapped into my inner child that used to hide in cardboard boxes and read 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy about the baby bear waiting for his bath who went to the moon in a box with a colander on his head.

19 March 2010

I can't resist...

Post fifty six!

I love the fun of this image! It's so light hearted yet true, for me it's cheesy puffs which don't look so different from these. I always have the urge to throw things like this so it's awesome to see someone do it and get it so right. The crisps are positioned perfectly round the models sad face, everything about this image is perfect. View it on Flickr here. 

17 March 2010

Waiting For Prince Charming

Post fifty five!

I've always been pretty much obsessed all things fairy tale so Titus's image brought a huge, big, fat smile to my face. I love the flawlessness Snow White's skin and the lighting is just beautiful! I could stare at this all evening, and I might just do that!

14 March 2010

I love you.

Post fifty five!

There's lots of things in life that I'm automatically drawn to and pink is one of them. So this image by Ejana  was always going to make me very happy! It's cute message and shy pose sit so beautifully on the textured pink background and in the crop. Ejana's Flickr photo-stream is full of really wonderful images like this and another favourite of mine is this one!

11 March 2010

The Difficult Route

Post fifty four!

Anyone that knows me will know that I am pretty obsessed Surrealism and impossible images so you'll understand why I actually gasped with joy when I found this photograph. Mattijn's image is so beautifully put together that it makes me very, very excited! The way the cat is looking up at those birds as if he's eyeing them up for lunch and the wonderfully shot sky are just perfection. 

10 March 2010

Above us only sky...

Post fifty three!

I am so glad that I found Heather's work on Flickr yesterday, please, please, please check out the rest of her work here! I just love anything that makes me feel magical and this image really does. It's beutiful tones and colours compliment the beautiful care free expression of the model, it really makes me feel like I'm there in a field with her. I am now completely looking forward to spring.

8 March 2010


Post fifty one!

I find Jenna E. Garrett's work exciting and wonderful yet beautifully simple. Turn your model upside down. Genius.

5 March 2010

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...

Post fifty!

This image by sosij makes me think of spring, flowers blossoming and sunshine. I love how one single image can trigger so many more in my mind! The purple tights are perfect with the pink flowers! I love it.

4 March 2010

Vision In Blue

Post forty nine!

J T has created a beautifully glamorous portrait. The whole thing has been edited to perfection, the skin is impossibly clear but completely believable.

3 March 2010

Dark corners of nowhere

Post forty eight!

Jenni Penni image is deliciously uncomfortable. The simple lines and shapes are a joy to look at and the monochromatic tones are just wonderful. I featured another image earlier in this blog which you can check out here.

2 March 2010

Post forty seven!

Lamahkun's beautiful sea side image makes me incredibly happy and is making me look forward to spring even more now!