27 June 2010

Summer lovin'

Post eighty five!

As a thumbnail on Flickr I thought this was a Polaroid, but it's actually a wonderful reflection in a natural frame, with a brilliant crop! This image by Lulu has a perfect composition and just makes me think of summer, which lets face it is always a good thing!

23 June 2010

Crafty Woman

Post eight three!

This is an image that I have gushed over for a good while. There's just so much going on with this portrait, it's so intriguing and beautiful. It's such a wonderful capture by DeeMac, the smile seems so honest and real joy. This is an image that really puts a smile on my face, it never fails to lift me when I am feeling down. I hope that those of you who read this can feel that same joy! Enjoy!

Post eighty two!

There is something very compelling about this image. I absolutely adore the tones in the black and white image and the way the smoke has been captured. The natural lighting is completely beautiful and makes the models skin radiant. Nesa June's captured a completely ordinary moment in the model's life but made it look spectacular.

9 June 2010


Post eighty one!

There's photograph as gorgeous as a really true and honest portrait. GĂ©raldine vW has created a perfectly lit portrait that makes me feel like I am looking straight into the models soul! I am a little stumped for words. Stunning.

I guess that's one more thing to worry about

Post eighty!

This beautiful silhouette by Colin H. completely and utterly takes my breath away. Everything about this portrait is stunning, the lighting is perfect across the models face, just highlighting the details and the gorgeous curved line that's formed by the pose couldn't be more right.

8 June 2010

Whole World In My Hands

Post seventy nine!

Lindsay gray* has captured a lush expression in a wonderfully composed frame. The strong contrast in the monochrome is completely striking and the globe a perfect prop. I really adore the slightly over exposed hair and skin, it really draws my eye to the vulnerable look in the models eye, it's one of those images that really hits my heart and makes it ache a little. I love it when that happens.

3 June 2010


Post seventy eight!

 Jen3nidad's image is perfect for a Friday afternoon, I''d sure love to be in a hammock right now! There is nothing like seeing an image of a stunning sunset to take your mind off the work to be done and get me into that Friday feeling, even if it's tainted with a little jealousy.

Doll Face

Post seventy seven!

Rimel Neffati has created a perfectly gorgeous portrait with a wonderful sense of beauty and humour. I completely adore all the texture in this image, right from the fabric look of the background, to the perfect skin and out to the cotton wool clouds. There isn't a single thing about this image that doesn't put a huge smile on my face.