23 May 2010

The Sun Will Shine Again

Post seventy six!

This image by Bethen19 is so beautiful it hurts a little bit. That gorgeously fuzzy landscape, the warm tones, a mini umbrella!! There is nothing about this photograph that doesn't make me happy to my bones. 

22 May 2010


Post seventy five!

Polly has created such a gorgeous image, it makes me incredibly happy. Everything from the warm light bursting through the trees to the red hair to the dazed expression gives me goosebumps because it's so really very beautiful. I beg you to go and look through Polly's website by clickity clicking here. Enjoy!

19 May 2010

I'm sorry

Post seventy four! 

Anna Nguyen's stunning image completely took away my breath when I first come across it. I love how it conveys so much emotion without any facial expression. I urge you to check out her Flickr page (click here!)

5 May 2010


Post seventy three!

Danny St. has captured a beautifully intense moment. The way the person is looking straight down the lens with the perfect amount of honesty and intensity. The gorgeous depth of field any adds to the amount I love this image!

4 May 2010


Post seventy two!

When I saw this set of photographs by Christopher I have to admit it gave me goose bumps, I love it when photography does that! There is something so beautiful in simplicity and here is the proof. I literally have no words for the brilliance of this set but needed you all to see it.