29 January 2010

Glitter and Colour

Post thirty five!

It is impossible not to smile when you see these two images, they are just a burst of colour and glitter. Perfect in my book! These completely gorgeous images are by Lauren Poor, be sure to check out her Flickr  for more explosions of colour to make you grin from ear to ear.

28 January 2010


Post thirty four!

Now this image by Leah Johnston made me actually gasp with excitement! The composition of the objects are completely perfect and the lighting is just stunning. I keep seeing images that have this sort of idea and it may well give me the inspiration to give it a go myself.

27 January 2010

Free Willy

Post thirty three!

Now having relocated myself up to Scotland I figured that Arthur M's image was very appropriate.

21 January 2010

breakfast with fred...

Post thirty two!

This image by pliggy actually made me laugh out loud when I first saw it and it still manages to bring a big smile to my face when I look at it now.

20 January 2010

Steph 80's

Post thirty one!

I'm a big fan of everything 80's and Jared J. Davis's portrait is really stunning, this is my favourite of the series but check out the rest on flickr.

19 January 2010

Attempt to fly No.3

Post thirty!

I just love this image by a.haser, the balloons, the pose and composition are all beyond stunning! Check out both Alma's flickr and website for more stunning images.

18 January 2010

Brian, seven years later...

Post twenty nine!

This is such brilliantly honest image by Peep O'Daze. I love just how raw it is.

14 January 2010

i blame you not

Post Twenty eight!

Maybe it's the purple hair, maybe it's the snow, I don't know what it is but this image by natfly is beyond beautiful.

13 January 2010

watch out baby cause i'm on the upswing

Post twenty seven!

This portrait by [Revivalist Photography] really makes me smile. I'm not sure whether it's the hair, glasses or expression but I just can not stop looking at this awesome image.

12 January 2010

Short-Winded Elations

Post twenty six!

This image by Valerie Chiang completely takes my breath away.

11 January 2010

The Great Wall of Blue

Post Twenty five!

Now I just love this image by Wellstone probably because of the block colour and the lovely lighting. This image really makes me smile a lot.

8 January 2010

My mind is a spaghetti bowl

Post twenty four!

A wonderfully fun and beautiful image from Sin Cor.

7 January 2010


Post twenty three!

This wonderfully pretty image by karin mathilda completely took my breath away. The tones and colours and everything about this image are just pretty.

6 January 2010


Post twenty two!

This image by Cacahuete_sr is just an explosion of hair! Stunning.

5 January 2010


Post twenty one!

This gritty portrait from Danielle T is completely awesome and the detail in the texture of skin is actually a little bit mind blowing!