31 July 2010

Yoga in the mountains

Post ninety five!

Now, recently I have started to regress back to my roots of growing up in Somerset, a beautiful county full of farms, animals and hippies. I've become reasonably obsessed with greener ways to leave my life and the importance of eating natural foods. Along with this comes a want to perfect some good yoga poses, now I can't say that me trying to balance in my living room even goes close to stretching with a view like this! theskepticaloptimist has captured a truly gorgeous pose with an utterly breathtaking landscape, my Glasgow flat just doesn't compare!

28 July 2010

Clean up Earth

Post ninety four!

I adore topical anything, comedy, fashion and especially photography. Mark Boucher has managed to create an image that sums up many peoples' worries in a beautiful and humorous way. 

27 July 2010

Balloon Flight, part two

Post ninety three!

Dorien Coremans created a photograph that is so awesomely gorgeous it makes my heart beat a little faster. The figure is cropped perfectly in the clear blue sky just above the horizon.

Also as a little treat here is the first part to the photograph, it's equally as stunning, as is the rest of Dorien's Flickr stream.

21 July 2010

Science of Sleep

Post ninety one!

I am already in love with everything related to dreams and sleep. So this image from Severine was bound to be a winner! The floating is just perfect in the frame and all the Z's on the wall are utterly wonderful.

19 July 2010


Post ninety!

Melinda Shay has captured a stunning model in a wonderful pose. The reflection on the highly polished floor really sets off the unusual capture. I find the composition and cropping of the photograph impossibly perfect. I really urge you to get yourself over to Melinda's Flickr and have a good look through her photography as it's really wonderful.


Post eighty nine!

Ann H has created this utterly wonderful portrait that has had me rather mesmerized. The pose, hair and texture of the skirt is just completely beautiful. I'll be honest, I'm a little lost for words when it comes to this shot so I'll just be quiet and let you enjoy.

16 July 2010

Reading On Sunset

Post eighty eight!

Now without getting too nostalgic, this portrait makes me think of summers gone by. It's so beautifully shot with perfect lighting and composition. It makes me feel utterly homesick and makes me dread looking out of my window at the Glasgow weather which if I'm honest makes me very sad everyday. 

But however melancholy the weather outside is, Spazi Angusti has given me a good fifteen minutes of happy memories. Don't you just love it when an image can do that?

6 July 2010

Love in Low Key

Post eighty seven!

This beautiful low key by Tatiana Pezzin is utterly breath taking. Not only am I a sucker for anything that looks like real love between two people but the negative space around the couple is stunning. The way that the couple's features are just highlighted enough to convey their love is beyond perfection. 

Please head over to her Flickr to see more beautiful images. I'm a big fan of Tatiana's work and I think you'd all like it.

5 July 2010

Manuel #2

Post eighty six!

I completely adore this photograph! Martina Sampaolo has captured a wonderful moment and cropped it to perfection.The lighting has created a lush dynamic that is set off by the expression on the model's face. Be sure go hop on over to Martina's Flickr for some more awesome portraits!

Folds of Fabric

Post eighty five!

Poppy Cockburn's beautiful image below gives me goosebumps every time I look at it. I can literally get lost in the tumbling fabric. I think that the crop is perfect and the fact that the there's a layer of fabric covering the model's face. All the fabric is very romantic and completely wonderful. Check out Poppy's Flickr for more gorgeous images!