24 February 2010


Post forty six!

Vanessa.paxton's image is getting me excited about spring, it's completely taking my mind of the mountain of work in the office and the mountains of snow out of my window. It's the perfect mid week 'Pick me up'. Vanessa has a lovely set of images on her Flickr account so if you like this you're sure to become a fan of her work like me!

19 February 2010

A fleeting Moment

Post forty five!

Now I know that there are certain 'rules' in photography like the three quarter and my old tutor's favourite that you should never photograph anyone walking out of the frame. But this is the reason that this image is so wonderful, it's not obaying that rule and she's distantly cold and walking away. From a 2 b has created a beautiful image that I don't think I'll ever get bored of starring into.

18 February 2010

Lagunas y Pausas

Post forty four!

ibán ramón's portrait has a stillness that I find simply enchanting.

16 February 2010

Kitchen Prodigals Series

Post forty three!

There's always something wonderful about people hanging upside down. Jenna E Garrett has created this aweseome upside down portrait and it's made me incredibly happy.

15 February 2010

Holding hands

Post forty two!

I just love it when older people hold hands, I think that there is nothing more romantic. So this image by Joep R brings a big smile to my face because of the romantic tones and light.

12 February 2010

Fly Away From Home

Post forty one!

I don't know what it is about portraits in the snow but they never fail to give me that warm. fuzzy feeling. Glückskind's portrait is wonderfully pretty.

11 February 2010


Post forty!

I always really love a super crop and this image by Yulia M is a perfect example. Not only is this portrait cropped beautifully but the tones and processing for this are just beyond wonderful. Yulia has an incredible photostream on Flickr full of portraits with this tone, all of which make me very happy indeed.

6 February 2010

Day 77

Post thirty nine!

Jald's homage to Garden State makes me incredibly happy! Everyone loves a check shirt but when that is teamed with a matching check wallpaper and that blank expression it's just perfect.

4 February 2010


Post thirty eight!

Now I really love good high key portraits and milk's image is a perfect example of why. The amazingly soft lines and tones are incredibly stunning and make me wonderfully happy.

3 February 2010


Post thirty seven!

I am a huge fan of this ladies work, check out and older post here, this is a beautifully pretty image by honeypieLiving.

1 February 2010

True Evil

Post thirty six!

This wonderfully dark image by Gary Heller is a feast for my eyes. From the expression on his face right through to the peeling paint in the background, I adore every inch of this portrait.