23 December 2009


Post twenty!

This YUKI DOLL image is a real winner for me, not only is it dark and moodily lit but the model has pink hair!


Post nineteen
Now I love all of the images on my blog but this one by Jαrεd Tylεr but this one literally took my breath away. The pose and facial expression seem just perfect not to mention the lovely blossom surrounding the model.

22 December 2009

Testing the Light

Post eighteen!

The styling of this image is just gorgeous, I just can't stop staring at all that hair! By aaronbennett27

21 December 2009


Post seventeen!

Stunning portrait by Efímera ૐ which is very fitting to the snow today.

18 December 2009

Nuclear Family

Post sixteen!

Am awesome family portrait by Wolf Choir. It has a wonderful tone and lighting.

17 December 2009

Balloon Man

Post fifteen!

It's images like this one by James Yeung that always make me very jealous that I didn't take it! I'm all for studio photography and think that it is stunning but I just love real people in real situations like this one.

16 December 2009


Post fourteen!

A lovely portrait by xxxrmt.

15 December 2009

Hi Dad

Post thirteen!

It alwasy makes me very happy to see portraits of babies and parents that are not white and simple. So I had to blog this gorgeous photography by Darien Chin for it's beautiful tones and lighting.

14 December 2009

12 December 2009


Post eleven!

A beautiful self portrait by Harmony Grace.

11 December 2009


Post ten!

This portrait by Gabriela Ammann is a lovely, softly lit image that I completely just adore and can not stop looking at.

8 December 2009


Post nine!

A very cool self portrait by axinha
I've got to say I love the speech bubble and glasses combo.

Portrait of the artist procrastinating

Post eight!

A wonderfully honest self portrait from jillallyn.
I absolutely love the tones, lighting and expression in this image.

7 December 2009


Post seven!

A beautifully dark portrait from kid.diabolik 


Post six!

A wonderfully lit  black and white  image by  Tyler Dean King 

4 December 2009


Post five!

René Bang's  wonderful portrait. 

3 December 2009

from russia with love

Post four!

This is  one of my favourite images that I've found on Flickr. 
weglet and Dan met on Flickr and this photograph is beyond cute! 

2 December 2009


Post three!

Everything about  _Cassia_ 's image makes me smile.