26 April 2010

Twenty five miles, just one more.

Post seventy one!

Peep O Daze has captured this runner perfectly! I'm currently obsessed by all things running after signing up to run the Glasgow Race for Life and having only been 'running' twice this year I'm more than a little bit scared. If only I'll finish my 5K run looking half as calm as this marathon runner I'll be more than pleased!

I really love this crop, it's showing off the focus, tiredness and determination that all marathon runners possess. Just perfect!

Pale Vail

Post seventy!

Nicole Emmanuel has created a overwhelmingly stunning portrait. Not only is it incredibly soft, beautifully lit, it's full of emotion and wonder. Completely wonderful. Please go and check out her Flickr as it's full of beautiful portraits, you really won't regret it.

25 April 2010

Green Dance

Post sixty nine!

Nick's stunning image of a ballet dancer really took my breath away. I think it's the fact that he's captured the sheer power of dancers, the lighting is highlighting the muscle definition to absolute perfection. The symmetry in the image only makes it more perfect.

21 April 2010


Post sixty eight!

Serena's sweet image has put a huge smile on my face. There is nothing I like more than to lie on my sofa and day dream and this photograph just reminds me of rainy afternoons spent dreaming of spring sun.

19 April 2010

I've got the salt skin

Post sixty seven!

This is a lovely and wonderfully cropped self portrait by Millie Walsh (find her on twitter @milliewalsh). By now everyone should know I always enjoy an extreme crop and this is no exception. It's so beautifully tender and sweet.

12 April 2010


Post sixty six! 

Vanessa.paxton's  insanely sweet image has brought a huge smile to my face! I'm a massive fan of Vanessa's work anyway (see her previous post here). But anything that's reminiscent of Alice In Wonderland is a real winner! I absolutely adore the space in the cropping and the beautifully blank expression on her face. Stunning. 

8 April 2010


Post sixty five!

Erin Audry has created a wonderfully magical image. I am a really huge fan of anything that is dream like and a little surreal so this gets two big ticks there and it's very pretty. Please check out Erin's Flickr stream as it's full of images that are just as pretty!

7 April 2010


Post sixty four!

I am a big fan of Weg's work (previous post) because of the fun she brings to everything and this image is no different. This image puts a very big smile all over my face, not only is it inspired by a film a really want to see but it's full of colour and humour. Yet again she's managed to make me giggle.

6 April 2010


Post sixty three!

Jill could never go wrong with this stunning image. It has everything that I love about fashion, the animal ears, meters of fabric and beautifully soft tones. The models pose is so perfect in the basket and the wallpaper very pretty, reminds me a lot of Alice in Wonderland and has a touch of the surreal that excites my very core. I feel a swoon coming!

2 April 2010


Post sixty two!

James Waddell's portraits are always very beautifully shot and this is no exception. I really love the shadow from the hat and the way it splits her face and wonderful lighting. I always love a good side profile portrait and it's refreshing to see one with a little more ompff.

1 April 2010

So Many Colours.. And They Still Don't Speak For Itself

Post sixy one!

Ciel's image is so very beautiful, all the way from the lovely smooth skin to the abundance of beaded necklaces. I just love all of the blue tones that run through the whole image.