25 August 2010

Cut Out Outfit

Post 104

I discovered this photographer just this weekend at a craft fair organised by the lovely ladies at Made In The Shade in Glasgow. Now I spent around an hour trying to decide which one of YHF's portraits to feature and I've settled on this beautifully kitsch, cut out portrait. The clothing for this image by Rachael Albert clothing is also incredibly cute, to be honest everything about this image makes extremely happy.

On a totally un-portrait related point go and check out this set of photographs, they are the best I have seen in a good while!

24 August 2010

DeLaOstia jeans

Post 103

Now I'm not sure if it's the washing line full of jeans or that stunning blue sky but this portrait by Gastón Suaya is like a little ray of sunshine on a grey Glasgow evening. I'm the first to admit that I'm a sucker for any photograph with beautiful lighting, especially if it's natural lighting. This image really makes me wish that I was outside in some good weather shooting something similar. I definitely have some envy!

23 August 2010


Post 102!

I utterly adore this portrait, everything about it makes my stomach flip. The wonderful crop around the perfect lighting and that coy & playful expression on the models' face just make this image one to die for. Rob Senior should be incredibly proud of this the power of this portrait, it has totally cheered me up on this mundane Monday.

Perfect Paintings

Post 101!

Marta Lozo has captured quite a tender moment between an artist and painting. The lighting in this capture is completely beautiful and really makes the image perfect. Check out the Flickr stream for more gorgeous work!

22 August 2010

She's Hearing Voices

Post one hundred!

This post is a very special 100th post as this portrait is one of my favourite ever images. Redredhead, or Marina, has created a beautifully isolated portrait, from the expression to the flawless skin, from the red hair to the dull green forest, it's all just perfect!

Redredhead, or Marina, has a whole Flickr stream full of utterly stunning photography and I urge you to go over and have a good gander through, I promise that you will not be disappointed.

20 August 2010

The Real Mrs. Doubtfire

Post ninety nine!

I completely adore real characters. This lady, captured by Travis Jensen SF is a perfect example of why I am so in love with people. Not only does she look 100% real, she looks like she has hundreds of stories to tell. This portrait makes me wonder off into imagining what a life she's had; who she's met, who she has met and may more questions.

Check out Travis's website here for some more wonderful photography.

17 August 2010

Top Hat

Post ninety eight!

Staffan Carlsson  has taken an utterly stunning portrait of this gentleman, the depth of field really makes his lovely eyes just pop out of his face. The tones in the monochrome are awesome and the crop is perfect.

2 August 2010


Post ninety seven!

I adore all things paper, especially paper cranes! So this photograph from Roanne Lucy Silver really got me excited. The simplicity of the model's pose and tone, coupled with the angular origami birds are a perfect offset to the negative space around her. To be honest it's just really gorgeous right?

1 August 2010

Wee're Dooomed!

Post ninety six!

Albrazier's captured a sneaky little look from a World War II re-enactment. I love moments like this, a completely honest expression. Nothing compares to it, not even the best model or actor!

31 July 2010

Yoga in the mountains

Post ninety five!

Now, recently I have started to regress back to my roots of growing up in Somerset, a beautiful county full of farms, animals and hippies. I've become reasonably obsessed with greener ways to leave my life and the importance of eating natural foods. Along with this comes a want to perfect some good yoga poses, now I can't say that me trying to balance in my living room even goes close to stretching with a view like this! theskepticaloptimist has captured a truly gorgeous pose with an utterly breathtaking landscape, my Glasgow flat just doesn't compare!

28 July 2010

Clean up Earth

Post ninety four!

I adore topical anything, comedy, fashion and especially photography. Mark Boucher has managed to create an image that sums up many peoples' worries in a beautiful and humorous way. 

27 July 2010

Balloon Flight, part two

Post ninety three!

Dorien Coremans created a photograph that is so awesomely gorgeous it makes my heart beat a little faster. The figure is cropped perfectly in the clear blue sky just above the horizon.

Also as a little treat here is the first part to the photograph, it's equally as stunning, as is the rest of Dorien's Flickr stream.

21 July 2010

Science of Sleep

Post ninety one!

I am already in love with everything related to dreams and sleep. So this image from Severine was bound to be a winner! The floating is just perfect in the frame and all the Z's on the wall are utterly wonderful.

19 July 2010


Post ninety!

Melinda Shay has captured a stunning model in a wonderful pose. The reflection on the highly polished floor really sets off the unusual capture. I find the composition and cropping of the photograph impossibly perfect. I really urge you to get yourself over to Melinda's Flickr and have a good look through her photography as it's really wonderful.


Post eighty nine!

Ann H has created this utterly wonderful portrait that has had me rather mesmerized. The pose, hair and texture of the skirt is just completely beautiful. I'll be honest, I'm a little lost for words when it comes to this shot so I'll just be quiet and let you enjoy.

16 July 2010

Reading On Sunset

Post eighty eight!

Now without getting too nostalgic, this portrait makes me think of summers gone by. It's so beautifully shot with perfect lighting and composition. It makes me feel utterly homesick and makes me dread looking out of my window at the Glasgow weather which if I'm honest makes me very sad everyday. 

But however melancholy the weather outside is, Spazi Angusti has given me a good fifteen minutes of happy memories. Don't you just love it when an image can do that?

6 July 2010

Love in Low Key

Post eighty seven!

This beautiful low key by Tatiana Pezzin is utterly breath taking. Not only am I a sucker for anything that looks like real love between two people but the negative space around the couple is stunning. The way that the couple's features are just highlighted enough to convey their love is beyond perfection. 

Please head over to her Flickr to see more beautiful images. I'm a big fan of Tatiana's work and I think you'd all like it.

5 July 2010

Manuel #2

Post eighty six!

I completely adore this photograph! Martina Sampaolo has captured a wonderful moment and cropped it to perfection.The lighting has created a lush dynamic that is set off by the expression on the model's face. Be sure go hop on over to Martina's Flickr for some more awesome portraits!

Folds of Fabric

Post eighty five!

Poppy Cockburn's beautiful image below gives me goosebumps every time I look at it. I can literally get lost in the tumbling fabric. I think that the crop is perfect and the fact that the there's a layer of fabric covering the model's face. All the fabric is very romantic and completely wonderful. Check out Poppy's Flickr for more gorgeous images!

27 June 2010

Summer lovin'

Post eighty five!

As a thumbnail on Flickr I thought this was a Polaroid, but it's actually a wonderful reflection in a natural frame, with a brilliant crop! This image by Lulu has a perfect composition and just makes me think of summer, which lets face it is always a good thing!

23 June 2010

Crafty Woman

Post eight three!

This is an image that I have gushed over for a good while. There's just so much going on with this portrait, it's so intriguing and beautiful. It's such a wonderful capture by DeeMac, the smile seems so honest and real joy. This is an image that really puts a smile on my face, it never fails to lift me when I am feeling down. I hope that those of you who read this can feel that same joy! Enjoy!

Post eighty two!

There is something very compelling about this image. I absolutely adore the tones in the black and white image and the way the smoke has been captured. The natural lighting is completely beautiful and makes the models skin radiant. Nesa June's captured a completely ordinary moment in the model's life but made it look spectacular.

9 June 2010


Post eighty one!

There's photograph as gorgeous as a really true and honest portrait. Géraldine vW has created a perfectly lit portrait that makes me feel like I am looking straight into the models soul! I am a little stumped for words. Stunning.

I guess that's one more thing to worry about

Post eighty!

This beautiful silhouette by Colin H. completely and utterly takes my breath away. Everything about this portrait is stunning, the lighting is perfect across the models face, just highlighting the details and the gorgeous curved line that's formed by the pose couldn't be more right.

8 June 2010

Whole World In My Hands

Post seventy nine!

Lindsay gray* has captured a lush expression in a wonderfully composed frame. The strong contrast in the monochrome is completely striking and the globe a perfect prop. I really adore the slightly over exposed hair and skin, it really draws my eye to the vulnerable look in the models eye, it's one of those images that really hits my heart and makes it ache a little. I love it when that happens.

3 June 2010


Post seventy eight!

 Jen3nidad's image is perfect for a Friday afternoon, I''d sure love to be in a hammock right now! There is nothing like seeing an image of a stunning sunset to take your mind off the work to be done and get me into that Friday feeling, even if it's tainted with a little jealousy.

Doll Face

Post seventy seven!

Rimel Neffati has created a perfectly gorgeous portrait with a wonderful sense of beauty and humour. I completely adore all the texture in this image, right from the fabric look of the background, to the perfect skin and out to the cotton wool clouds. There isn't a single thing about this image that doesn't put a huge smile on my face.

23 May 2010

The Sun Will Shine Again

Post seventy six!

This image by Bethen19 is so beautiful it hurts a little bit. That gorgeously fuzzy landscape, the warm tones, a mini umbrella!! There is nothing about this photograph that doesn't make me happy to my bones. 

22 May 2010


Post seventy five!

Polly has created such a gorgeous image, it makes me incredibly happy. Everything from the warm light bursting through the trees to the red hair to the dazed expression gives me goosebumps because it's so really very beautiful. I beg you to go and look through Polly's website by clickity clicking here. Enjoy!

19 May 2010

I'm sorry

Post seventy four! 

Anna Nguyen's stunning image completely took away my breath when I first come across it. I love how it conveys so much emotion without any facial expression. I urge you to check out her Flickr page (click here!)

5 May 2010


Post seventy three!

Danny St. has captured a beautifully intense moment. The way the person is looking straight down the lens with the perfect amount of honesty and intensity. The gorgeous depth of field any adds to the amount I love this image!

4 May 2010


Post seventy two!

When I saw this set of photographs by Christopher I have to admit it gave me goose bumps, I love it when photography does that! There is something so beautiful in simplicity and here is the proof. I literally have no words for the brilliance of this set but needed you all to see it.

26 April 2010

Twenty five miles, just one more.

Post seventy one!

Peep O Daze has captured this runner perfectly! I'm currently obsessed by all things running after signing up to run the Glasgow Race for Life and having only been 'running' twice this year I'm more than a little bit scared. If only I'll finish my 5K run looking half as calm as this marathon runner I'll be more than pleased!

I really love this crop, it's showing off the focus, tiredness and determination that all marathon runners possess. Just perfect!

Pale Vail

Post seventy!

Nicole Emmanuel has created a overwhelmingly stunning portrait. Not only is it incredibly soft, beautifully lit, it's full of emotion and wonder. Completely wonderful. Please go and check out her Flickr as it's full of beautiful portraits, you really won't regret it.

25 April 2010

Green Dance

Post sixty nine!

Nick's stunning image of a ballet dancer really took my breath away. I think it's the fact that he's captured the sheer power of dancers, the lighting is highlighting the muscle definition to absolute perfection. The symmetry in the image only makes it more perfect.

21 April 2010


Post sixty eight!

Serena's sweet image has put a huge smile on my face. There is nothing I like more than to lie on my sofa and day dream and this photograph just reminds me of rainy afternoons spent dreaming of spring sun.

19 April 2010

I've got the salt skin

Post sixty seven!

This is a lovely and wonderfully cropped self portrait by Millie Walsh (find her on twitter @milliewalsh). By now everyone should know I always enjoy an extreme crop and this is no exception. It's so beautifully tender and sweet.

12 April 2010


Post sixty six! 

Vanessa.paxton's  insanely sweet image has brought a huge smile to my face! I'm a massive fan of Vanessa's work anyway (see her previous post here). But anything that's reminiscent of Alice In Wonderland is a real winner! I absolutely adore the space in the cropping and the beautifully blank expression on her face. Stunning. 

8 April 2010


Post sixty five!

Erin Audry has created a wonderfully magical image. I am a really huge fan of anything that is dream like and a little surreal so this gets two big ticks there and it's very pretty. Please check out Erin's Flickr stream as it's full of images that are just as pretty!

7 April 2010


Post sixty four!

I am a big fan of Weg's work (previous post) because of the fun she brings to everything and this image is no different. This image puts a very big smile all over my face, not only is it inspired by a film a really want to see but it's full of colour and humour. Yet again she's managed to make me giggle.

6 April 2010


Post sixty three!

Jill could never go wrong with this stunning image. It has everything that I love about fashion, the animal ears, meters of fabric and beautifully soft tones. The models pose is so perfect in the basket and the wallpaper very pretty, reminds me a lot of Alice in Wonderland and has a touch of the surreal that excites my very core. I feel a swoon coming!

2 April 2010


Post sixty two!

James Waddell's portraits are always very beautifully shot and this is no exception. I really love the shadow from the hat and the way it splits her face and wonderful lighting. I always love a good side profile portrait and it's refreshing to see one with a little more ompff.

1 April 2010

So Many Colours.. And They Still Don't Speak For Itself

Post sixy one!

Ciel's image is so very beautiful, all the way from the lovely smooth skin to the abundance of beaded necklaces. I just love all of the blue tones that run through the whole image. 

29 March 2010

The World Upside Down

Post sixty!

Noretta's beautifully shot image is lit exquisitely! I always love a bit of rotation in photography, it suddenly gives the most simple image a completely different point of interest. 

28 March 2010

Spring Fever

Post fifty nine!
It's finally beginning to look like spring time! Spring is my favourite season and Eva's image is so fun and spring-like that I just had to feature it. The flower that she made is unbelievably sweet and the pillow-come-magic carpet is a wonderful idea. Check out Eva's blog here for more fun and cute photography, I guarantee you'll fall in love with it too.

26 March 2010

Tokyo Jane

Post fifty eight!

I love fashion shoots and this one that I completely adore. Not only is the model just gorgeous but the pose and colour tones are just so complimentary to her complexion. Henrik's work is lovely so please, please please go and check out his Flickr page!

Box Adventures

Post fifty seven!

This image almost made me squeal with happiness! Danieldeer has created a magical woodland photograph that looks like it's been taken straight from a film. It's really tapped into my inner child that used to hide in cardboard boxes and read 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy about the baby bear waiting for his bath who went to the moon in a box with a colander on his head.

19 March 2010

I can't resist...

Post fifty six!

I love the fun of this image! It's so light hearted yet true, for me it's cheesy puffs which don't look so different from these. I always have the urge to throw things like this so it's awesome to see someone do it and get it so right. The crisps are positioned perfectly round the models sad face, everything about this image is perfect. View it on Flickr here. 

17 March 2010

Waiting For Prince Charming

Post fifty five!

I've always been pretty much obsessed all things fairy tale so Titus's image brought a huge, big, fat smile to my face. I love the flawlessness Snow White's skin and the lighting is just beautiful! I could stare at this all evening, and I might just do that!